Mental Exercises: Gaming Edition

mental exercise

Our brain can only do so much in a time period.

You see, the brain is the one who can only process information for our body. You also see, the brain is the one who can only distribute information for our body. Which do you think is a heavier responsibility? That’s right. That’s why your brain needs to cool down after some hours – not just for your brain to recuperate after the information is processed, but also for your body to revitalize while the information is distributed.

So if you’re feeling unfocused for an exam the next day or exhausted for a report the next afternoon, then you need to consider doing mental exercises.

What’s more, you can do it via desktop games and even mobile games.

Here are some of them:

Brain Games or Memory Games

Today’s generation of brain games feature activities that do not only promote enhanced memory and concentration, but also enriched vocabulary and comprehension. Some of these games include Lumosity on Lumosity for desktop and 4Pics, 1 Word on Google Play for mobile. Lumosity is an online program where you can play a number of games to improve your retention skills and attention skills, while 4 Pics, 1 Word is a word game where you need to guess 1 common word from 4 different pictures to improve your terminology skills and understanding skills.

Brain Teasers or Riddle Games

If brain games or memory games are meant to exercise your memory and concentration, brain teasers or riddle games are meant to not only exercise your memory and concentration, but also your problem skills and logic skills. Some of these games include Rebus Puzzles and Detective Mysteries. Rebus Puzzles is a kind of brain teaser where you solve the answer via a collection of words or a gathering of images. Detective Mysteries is also a kind of brain teaser where you solve the answer via a collection of evidences or a gathering of questions.

BONUS: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games

Contrary to popular belief, MMORPG is the epitome of both games mentioned above: You need memory to remember your character and even what your opponents might have. You also need problem skills to attack opponents and even defend yourself from the opponents.

Just remember, though. These games are only mental exercises, not for continuous use – that is, unless you’re on a summer vacation at school or on a weekend leave at work. Limit your gaming for about 5-10 minutes every hour or 10-20 minutes every 2 hours, along with brain food via those seen on and brain drinks via blenders and juicers and voila – your brain is healthier than ever!