Revealed: The Power of Green Juice

Why should you drink green juice?

Green juice is loaded with essential enzymes, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants, and other nutrients that can help your body and brain receive the nourishment and liquid they need to stay healthy and function well. Besides, it’s better to supplement mental exercise with a glass of juice that’s good for your mental health.

Drinking green juices will help your body neutralize the acid released by dead cells, toxins, and waste products during detoxification. They help you filter out substances that hinder your body from staying in good shape. It also helps your body deal with the flushing out of toxins by providing the necessary minerals, enzymes, and vitamins.

Green juices are usually for detoxifying the body, although some may not believe that it can cleanse the digestive system entirely. Still, green vegetables and fruits are considered to have more cleansing power than other colored foods used for juicing.

What’s in a green leafy juice?

green-leafy-juiceA glass of green leaf juice consists of minerals like iron and is abundant in chlorophyll. Green leaf juice is a bit difficult to intake because of the taste, but those who drink it regularly will soon get used to the different taste. You might feel nauseated at the beginning of your green leaf juice journey, but if you keep thinking how good it is for your body, you’ll be able to tolerate the taste sooner or later.

Green leaf juice is also recommended for anemic patients because it increases levels of hemoglobin. And because it’s low in sugar, it’s also ideal for those who have hypoglycemia, diabetes, and candida.

How should you make green leafy juice?

The only way to make green leaf juice is to use one of the quality juicers for leafy greens. Remember not to settle for a juicer that’s low-quality.

When it comes to the recipe, you can choose whatever is available. You may want to start by juicing the greens you prefer; then gradually add other leafy veggies you don’t eat. Don’t always juice what you can already eat—there are various leafy greens to choose from, and they all offer physical and mental benefits.


Take note that the darker and stronger the flavor of the vegetable is (like chard), the more chlorophyll it has. Lighter and less flavorful veggies have less chlorophyll, of course.

Now that you know the power of green juice, you can check out easy recipes on the internet to help you start.