LED Grow Lights Providing Better Cannabis Yields

The cannabis market is growing as more and more states are legalizing the use of this plant. With this new and expanding market, growers are looking for better and improved methods of providing this product either for themselves or as a way to market for others. LED grow lights are now becoming a popular way to grow healthier plants faster.

LED Lights Provide Great Yields

Depending on the strain of cannabis you’re working with, you can produce approximately .5/watt when you grow the plants under an LED grow light. You may experience better yields than this if using a 200-Watt LED grow light where it is possible to average more than three-ounces. With the utilization of the LED grow light, your buds will look better, grow better, and provide you with a greener crop. You can find some at HealthyHandyman. They wrote some pretty good reviews of them.

Improved LED Grow Lights for Cannabis

Manufacturers have improved their designs on the grow lights. These improvements include the lights have a wider spectrum of light which enhances the color of your crop. No longer do these lights use only red or blue and they have been developed to point their lenses directly onto the plants. With the light directly hitting your growing plants, it will penetrate deeper to provide you with larger yields than lights from previous years were able to grow.

Benefits of LED Grow Lights over the CFLs

Using the LED grow lights for cannabis will provide you with many benefits over the CFLs you may currently be using. The LED grow lights provide larger yields than the CFLs while using the same amount of electricity. The LED lights have options not offered with CFLs such as built-in fans and heatsinks as cooling options. These cooling options push heat up, and away from your plants, so you are able to control comfortable temperatures.

When growing your cannabis with LED grow lights, the models with 3W chipsets seem to be getting the best reviews for some of the best yields. A general rule to follow is to have LED panels with 50-60 watts per square foot of your growing area. These lights are going to grow your plants differently and researching which ones will work best for your crop is suggested. There are many brands available now, and you should watch for the ones approved by real cannabis growers to make sure you get the best results possible.