Revealed: The Power of Green Juice

Why should you drink green juice?

Green juice is loaded with essential enzymes, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants, and other nutrients that can help your body and brain receive the nourishment and liquid they need to stay healthy and function well. Besides, it’s better to supplement mental exercise with a glass of juice that’s good for your mental health.

Drinking green juices will help your body neutralize the acid released by dead cells, toxins, and waste products during detoxification. They help you filter out substances that hinder your body from staying in good shape. It also helps your body deal with the flushing out of toxins by providing the necessary minerals, enzymes, and vitamins.

Green juices are usually for detoxifying the body, although some may not believe that it can cleanse the digestive system entirely. Still, green vegetables and fruits are considered to have more cleansing power than other colored foods used for juicing.

What’s in a green leafy juice?

green-leafy-juiceA glass of green leaf juice consists of minerals like iron and is abundant in chlorophyll. Green leaf juice is a bit difficult to intake because of the taste, but those who drink it regularly will soon get used to the different taste. You might feel nauseated at the beginning of your green leaf juice journey, but if you keep thinking how good it is for your body, you’ll be able to tolerate the taste sooner or later.

Green leaf juice is also recommended for anemic patients because it increases levels of hemoglobin. And because it’s low in sugar, it’s also ideal for those who have hypoglycemia, diabetes, and candida.

How should you make green leafy juice?

The only way to make green leaf juice is to use one of the quality juicers for leafy greens. Remember not to settle for a juicer that’s low-quality.

When it comes to the recipe, you can choose whatever is available. You may want to start by juicing the greens you prefer; then gradually add other leafy veggies you don’t eat. Don’t always juice what you can already eat—there are various leafy greens to choose from, and they all offer physical and mental benefits.


Take note that the darker and stronger the flavor of the vegetable is (like chard), the more chlorophyll it has. Lighter and less flavorful veggies have less chlorophyll, of course.

Now that you know the power of green juice, you can check out easy recipes on the internet to help you start.

Gambling In a Healthy Way

card game

Contrary to popular belief, one can always gamble in a healthy way.

The secret? Spending time with your loved ones.

Be it a card game or a basketball game or even horse racing, gambling should never have to be complicated. It should never cause serious fights between people. It should also never cause money issues between people.

All you need to do is gamble in a healthy way: the kind of bet that will make you spend time with your loved ones, as well as the kind of bet that will make you realize the more important things in life.

That being said, here are some tips for you:

A Vacation Trip Or A Weekend Getaway

Instead of gambling something that one will always regret losing, why not gamble something that will make one’s life unforgettable? Try gambling on a vacation trip the next time you make bets with other people, especially if the person you’re gambling with is immersed with problems in life. You can also try gambling on a weekend getaway the next time you make bets with other people, especially if the person you’re gambling with is immersed with problems in certain aspects of his life. This way, you will not only make the game truly anticipated, but also make the game truly appreciated.

And here’s an idea: Vacation trip bets can be a trip back-and-forth to another state, while weekend getaway bets can be a getaway with many sightseeing activities.

And here’s another tip: If you’re choosing the latter for a bet, don’t forget picking a night vision monocular the right way beforehand.

Because if you win, you’ll get to see attractions in the best way possible – along with the bright stars under the night sky.

BONUS: Something You’ve Always Wanted To Have

I’m sure all of us has something we’ve always wanted to have. So, why don’t you gamble on something you’ve always wanted to have? It could be something you can use in your daily life or something you can just use once in a while. It could also be something you can only afford to have sometimes or something only few can afford to have always. This way, you and the person you’re gambling with will have every reason to win the game in a fun way. Because if you win, you’ll not only get what you’ve always wanted to have, but also get something you’ve always wanted to have in a well-earned manner.

Any other tips when gambling? Share them with us below!

LED Grow Lights Providing Better Cannabis Yields

The cannabis market is growing as more and more states are legalizing the use of this plant. With this new and expanding market, growers are looking for better and improved methods of providing this product either for themselves or as a way to market for others. LED grow lights are now becoming a popular way to grow healthier plants faster.

LED Lights Provide Great Yields

Depending on the strain of cannabis you’re working with, you can produce approximately .5/watt when you grow the plants under an LED grow light. You may experience better yields than this if using a 200-Watt LED grow light where it is possible to average more than three-ounces. With the utilization of the LED grow light, your buds will look better, grow better, and provide you with a greener crop. You can find some at HealthyHandyman. They wrote some pretty good reviews of them.

Improved LED Grow Lights for Cannabis

Manufacturers have improved their designs on the grow lights. These improvements include the lights have a wider spectrum of light which enhances the color of your crop. No longer do these lights use only red or blue and they have been developed to point their lenses directly onto the plants. With the light directly hitting your growing plants, it will penetrate deeper to provide you with larger yields than lights from previous years were able to grow.

Benefits of LED Grow Lights over the CFLs

Using the LED grow lights for cannabis will provide you with many benefits over the CFLs you may currently be using. The LED grow lights provide larger yields than the CFLs while using the same amount of electricity. The LED lights have options not offered with CFLs such as built-in fans and heatsinks as cooling options. These cooling options push heat up, and away from your plants, so you are able to control comfortable temperatures.

When growing your cannabis with LED grow lights, the models with 3W chipsets seem to be getting the best reviews for some of the best yields. A general rule to follow is to have LED panels with 50-60 watts per square foot of your growing area. These lights are going to grow your plants differently and researching which ones will work best for your crop is suggested. There are many brands available now, and you should watch for the ones approved by real cannabis growers to make sure you get the best results possible.

Mental Exercises: Gaming Edition

mental exercise

Our brain can only do so much in a time period.

You see, the brain is the one who can only process information for our body. You also see, the brain is the one who can only distribute information for our body. Which do you think is a heavier responsibility? That’s right. That’s why your brain needs to cool down after some hours – not just for your brain to recuperate after the information is processed, but also for your body to revitalize while the information is distributed.

So if you’re feeling unfocused for an exam the next day or exhausted for a report the next afternoon, then you need to consider doing mental exercises.

What’s more, you can do it via desktop games and even mobile games.

Here are some of them:

Brain Games or Memory Games

Today’s generation of brain games feature activities that do not only promote enhanced memory and concentration, but also enriched vocabulary and comprehension. Some of these games include Lumosity on Lumosity for desktop and 4Pics, 1 Word on Google Play for mobile. Lumosity is an online program where you can play a number of games to improve your retention skills and attention skills, while 4 Pics, 1 Word is a word game where you need to guess 1 common word from 4 different pictures to improve your terminology skills and understanding skills.

Brain Teasers or Riddle Games

If brain games or memory games are meant to exercise your memory and concentration, brain teasers or riddle games are meant to not only exercise your memory and concentration, but also your problem skills and logic skills. Some of these games include Rebus Puzzles and Detective Mysteries. Rebus Puzzles is a kind of brain teaser where you solve the answer via a collection of words or a gathering of images. Detective Mysteries is also a kind of brain teaser where you solve the answer via a collection of evidences or a gathering of questions.

BONUS: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games

Contrary to popular belief, MMORPG is the epitome of both games mentioned above: You need memory to remember your character and even what your opponents might have. You also need problem skills to attack opponents and even defend yourself from the opponents.

Just remember, though. These games are only mental exercises, not for continuous use – that is, unless you’re on a summer vacation at school or on a weekend leave at work. Limit your gaming for about 5-10 minutes every hour or 10-20 minutes every 2 hours, along with brain food via those seen on and brain drinks via blenders and juicers and voila – your brain is healthier than ever!

LOL Tournament

4 Top Things to Do to Level up Your Gaming Experience

Are you the guy who no one wants to play with? Do you suck at gaming so bad that your friends might as well let the AI play instead of you?

Those days are over my friend! Here are some tips to make your gaming status, from Zero to Hero style!

Buy a Gaming Laptop/Desktop

You can’t enjoy a game without a gaming desktop or laptop.

Most modern games require high-end machines to be able to run it smoothly. Gaming machines can be expensive, but you can build your own too to avoid expensive promos. If you don’t have the knowledge about this, find a knowledgeable friend who can help you or ask some professional to guide you thoroughly.

No one wants to lag in the middle of the clash!


Get Ready To Wreck Your Opponents!

Bring a Friend

Playing a game alone can be boring to some people. So, bring a friend! It makes gaming much more intense. It’s better to have a reliable friend with you to help you complete a quest or fight enemies together! Also, it’s a good bonding experience.

Provide Time for Gaming

Set a “gaming” time or use games as a reward!

Make sure to finish all your chores or task first before playing games to avoid interruptions. By setting a time when to play games, you’ll do more things productively and it’ll make you more excited playing the actual game!

Get Enough Rest and Sleep

Geek Gamer

You Don’t Wanna End Up Like This Guy.

I know that you love to play games as much as I do, but don’t overwork yourself! Don’t ruin your body clock and have a good night sleep every day. Not having enough sleep and rest won’t help you concentrate when playing, avoid this as much as possible. Get plenty of sleep and you’ll thank me later!

There you go, fellow gamers! Remember to follow our tips before you start your gaming journey. Building your own gaming desktop or laptop takes time, knowledge, and of course, budget! But at the end, it’ll be all worth it!

So, as a gamer, you must have heard of League of Legends before, right? If not, then you are missing something awesome! To more about this game, here’s the league of legends programming to keep you updated!


How to Stay Mentally Sharp and on Top of Your Game

Doing the same things over and over again can make you feel as if you have lost some of the mental sharpness you used to enjoy. After all, routines and repetitive tasks become unchallenging once they become automatic behaviors. Finding ways to stimulate your mind is not only a great way keep you mentally sharp. It is also needed to continually improve your mental fitness.

Exercise your brain – Brain exercises sharpen your mental power. They are among the best ways to improve memory and hone your intellect. Using your less non-dominant hand to perform some of your daily routines is a good brain exercise to improve memory. It creates challenges for the brain to build new associations and connections. Brain games and puzzles likewise provide the stimuli that help improve mental health.


Get active – Exercise helps in providing oxygen to the brain. Engaging in physical activities or exercises everyday can help improve memory and concentration as well as enhance your reaction time.

Learn something new – You exercise your brain each time you learn something new. You can start a new hobby, learn a new skill, read, and engage in thought-provoking conversation with others.

Nourish your brain – Brain foods provide a boost to your mental power. Eat smart by maintaining a diet that nourish your brain. Some examples of food you should include in your diet include blueberries, fish rich in omega-3 fats, nuts, tomatoes, whole grains as well as fruits and vegetables with high content of Vitamin B6 and B12.

Make changes – Routines become part of your habits. But they do not offer much challenge over time. Try to make small changes or introduce new habits into your routines to liven things up. It can help your brain stay alert and sharp as it deals with the changes you make.

Meditate – Meditation is a great relaxation technique that can also help in improving mental fitness. It presents a challenge to your brain as you achieve an unfamiliar or underutilized mental state. Meditation also enhances your ability to focus. You can practice meditation using different techniques.

Read – Reading stimulates the brain and keeps you well-informed. It enables you to discover new things. Read as often as you can to improve your mental fitness.

Relax – Too much stress is not good for your brain. Poorly managed stress can even lead to anxiety and depression. Make time for relaxation even with a busy schedule.

Take care of your health – Cultivating a healthy lifestyle is not only good for your body. It also promotes mental health. Taking excellent care of your body prevents conditions that may affect mental sharpness and performance if left untreated.

Unplug and disconnect – Spending time online may be engaging, but they can also be mind-numbing at times. Schedule some time to disconnect and explore new things you can do. There are several activities that you can pursue that can help improve your mental fitness and wellbeing.

Improving your mental fitness is a lifelong process. You take care of your mental health as much as you take care of your physical wellbeing. Fortunately, there are many ways for you to nourish your brain, improve memory, and keep your mind stimulated. Following some of the tips mentioned above can help you stay mentally fit and sharp.