What You Can Expect From the PlayStation Network

The PlayStation Network is a place where would be able to have an access to a different gaming experience, the latest offerings, friendly community and others. In other words, it is the place where you can find everything that you want. Apart from that, it also offers features that are truly irresistible. Thus, there is no wonder as to why many people have decided to spend their money on it.

What can you expect from the PlayStation Network?

  • Large online library

It provides one tons of options to choose from regarding what games they can buy, download and even play. By just visiting the PlayStation Store, they would be provided with a great list of the games that are available for them including the classic games or the games that has been included in the PSOne Classics. One is also given the chance to purchase extra missions, character skins, map packs and others.

  • Multiplayer option

Before you are even given the chance to play the game you are interested in online, you first need to sign in on the PlayStation Network. After that, you can now freely play the game with anyone whom you like to play the game with. You can even join online tournaments and with the intelligent matchmaking, you are given the chance to find the perfect opponent for you, regardless of where they are in the world. In other words, it allows you to socialize with others. I certainly recommend the website below for getting your PSN Codes.

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  • Share Screen

This is such a great feature of the PSN as one is given a chance to allow his/her friend or anyone to see what they are doing or watch how well they play the game. With another person being able to witness everything, they would also be of great help to the person playing the game as they can provide them helpful tips at the same time. They can even pass the controller to their friend and allow them to play the game in their stead virtually.

There you have the list of the great offerings of the PlayStation Network that you would not dare to miss.

The Rapid Rise in Online Bingo Popularity

Top reasons why online bingo is the must-play attraction!

Prior to the Internet boom, traditional bingo halls were a staple for seniors. Middle-aged men and women typically gathered on Sundays to enjoy social games of bingo. The most popular variants include the American 75 ball bingo and the UK 90 ball bingo. Over time, bingo halls have seen a decline in numbers, owing to the rise in popularity of online bingo. The gaming industry rebranded bingo to appeal to a younger, more energetic, trendy crowd of players. And the results certainly speak for themselves. Online bingo comes in many different shapes and sizes – 5 line bingo, 30 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo & 90 ball bingo – alongside progressive jackpot bingo games and other exciting attractions. Perhaps the reason why so many people play bingo is that no specific skill or strategy is required. Unlike blackjack, craps or baccarat, bingo players simply need to daub or autodaub the numbers that are called out by the bingo caller. It’s that easy!

Why is Online Bingo so Popular?

There are many reasons why traditional bingo halls went into decline and online bingo rooms became universally popular. Chief among them is the fact that online bingo is more accessible, more user-friendly, offers bigger jackpots around-the-clock and has an interactive appeal. Most of the online bingo rooms cater to a UK-based gaming audience with a predominantly female player base. The number of male players has increased dramatically and the overall age of bingo players has dropped to between 30 and 45 years old. This is all due to some really intelligent marketing, exciting games and massive jackpots. Penny bingo games are all the rage, as are free online bingo games. Players signing up to online bingo rooms can enjoy no deposit bingo bonuses with which to play their choice of instant win games. Being able to play bingo games from the comforts of home is a dealmaker for most players. There’s no need to wait for bingo games to start up because online bingo runs 24/7.

The 2 Most Popular Forms of Online Bingo

Players in the UK and continental Europe favour 90 ball bingo. This game is the traditional version of bingo and it sports 3 lines and 15 numbers. Players are tasked with completing 1 line, 2 lines or a full house – 3 lines. Across the Atlantic, Americans and Canadians play 75 ball bingo. This game is played on a grid comprising 5 x 5 squares with the centre square blanked out. Players need to complete winning patterns such as letters, symbols, and shapes (4 corners). This game is quicker than 90 ball bingo, because fewer numbers are in play; 1 through 75 as opposed to 1 through 90. These bingo games can be enjoyed at the world’s leading online bingo rooms with bingo lingo, bingo players and bingo chat moderators in play around the clock!